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DIA Group takes the Giants Campus children to meet the Spanish Basketball Team

More than 200 children between 6 and 17 years old, who took part this summer in the Basketball Giants Campus in Madrid, had the opportunity last Friday to meet the stars of the Spanish Men’s Basketball Selection, who are getting ready at the moment to take part in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

DIA Group, in collaboration with the Spanish Basketball Federation, gave these boys and girls the opportunity to enjoy a training day and to be closer to their idols. Although Sergio Scariolo´s technical talk delayed the kids going in by just over half an hour, their excitement and enthusiasm did not go away. And it was worth the wait.

Queuing up and politely quiet, the boys and girls from the campus took their place on the stands to see the final practice game. Many of them were not able to get a word out while others, between the nerves and taking it all in, elbowed each other every time they saw the players from the national team pass by.

At the end of the training session, the players could spend some time with the kids, who quickly took out their cameras and mobiles to immortalise the moment. After a brief photo shoot with the little ones, the players said goodbye, but not without doing the usual group photo first.

But they still had one last surprise. DIA Group and the Spanish Basketball Federation gave the children from the campus 2 × 1 tickets to see the Spanish team´s first match.

This initiative was the culmination of more than three weeks in each other´s company and sport on the Campus and seeks to promote the values of basketball as team spirit, friendship, respect, co-existence, effort, teamwork and fun amongst all participants. Over these weeks, the DIA Group has also been in charge of keeping the Campus kids supplied, providing everything necessary for the long hours of training and fun.

From last June, DIA Group and the Spanish Basketball Federation have been part of a collaborative agreement with the objective of promoting the values that both institutions share, amongst which Efficiency, Team, Initiative and Respect stand out. Through this agreement, which also includes support for the Women’s Universe Programme, initiatives will be launched that will contribute to social improvement and transformation through the values of all women’s sport.

Video and photos of the event courtesy of the Giants Campus

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