Running against child poverty. Would you join us?

The fight against child poverty requires determination and firm actions. Therefore, in our company we believe that only by playing a leading role in this battle and adding our efforts and synergies can this difficult challenge be tackled.

DIA Group organizes the first ‘Solidarity Race against Child Poverty’, to be held on November 26 in the Alamillo Park in Seville, in support of the NGO Save the Children. This family, social and sports event, aimed at people of all ages, aims to raise funds for those projects the NGO carries out to support the care of children living in poverty in the capital of Andalusia.

This action, in which, in addition to these two entities, also has the participation of Andalusia’s Local Government, the City of Seville and the company Jolca, is part of the Alliance against Child Poverty in Andalusia, launched in June 2015 and was joined by the autonomous administration and thirty-one entities and organizations of the Andalusian civil society. Its goal is to offset the effects of the crisis and the exclusion and child poverty in Andalusia.

To achieve this goal, DIA Group leads this race in a solid commitment to childhood and as a basis for future collaborations in Andalusia, with the common challenge of improving the lives of those children in greatest need in Andalusia.

Child poverty in Andalusia

“363,000 children live in severe poverty in Andalusia, that is, 22.6% of the children in the region. These figures show that the economic recovery is not equal for all sectors of the population and that there are many families still affected” said Fernando García-Lahiguera, deputy general manager of Save the Children.

According to the Spanish Institute of Statistics (INE), 7 of the 15 poorest neighborhoods in Spain are in the capital of Seville. For this reason, Save the Children’s goal is to break the cycle of poverty transmission from parents to children and to create new opportunities for those children who struggle the most. For his part, DIA Group’s Manager in Andalusia, Francisco Pou González, stressed that “being part of the Alliance against Child Poverty in Andalusia was not only a must, but also a challenge. Helping those who need it most is always a challenge. Doing so from the bottom up, starting with the children, undoubtedly carries one of the objectives of greater responsibility. Child care is one of the key pillars of the social action policy in DIA Group’s corporate social responsibility strategy.”

The presentation of the race also had the presence of María José Sánchez Rubio, Councilor of Equality and Social Policies of Andalusia’s Regional Government; Juan Manuel Flores, Municipal Commissioner of Social Welfare and Employment of the City of Seville; and Fernando Valdenebro, Commercial Manager at Jolca.

DIA Group and Save the Children encourage participation in this solidarity race in Seville and expect to bring together two thousand people in the fight against child poverty. Please register at this link: Registration includes a kit which contains: a t-shirt, a personalized bib, a chip and a runner’s bag. It will be a day of sport, leisure and solidarity, where the main activity will be the organization of a 5 kilometer adult race that will start at 10.30 am in the Alamillo Park, as well as several children’s races adapted to the different ages. In addition, multiple family-oriented activities will be organized, such as face painting, zumba… etc.



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