DIA´s solidarity snacks arrive in Extremadura

Since its creation in the year 2012, DIA’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy has fought, amongst other things, for access to food for disadvantaged or vulnerable collectives – with special emphasis being placed on children. DIA Group has extended its charitable work, taking the delivery of a midday snack to the entire Autonomous Community of Extremadura in order to serve a hundred children at risk of social exclusion. During this school year and the next one, more than 8,000 snacks will be handed out alongside the Red Cross in Galicia and Extremadura.

Amongst the families served by the Red Cross, many of them are facing financial hardships that keep them from being able to guarantee proper food for their children during a fundamental developmental time for little boys and girls. One of the clearest signs of material deprivation or need in terms of childhood poverty is insufficient or deficient nutrition. 

In the words of those in charge of this initiative at the Red Cross, “there are Galician boys and girls at risk of exclusion whose last meal before going to bed is the one they get at the school canteen”. To combat this situation on the national level, the Promoción del Éxito Escolar (Promoting School Success) Programme had been born, but it had been stopped for years in Galicia due to funding problems. Thus, the NGO announced a state of emergency and DIA decided to help by supplying not only the necessary products but also the logistics required to take them to the 27 operational headquarters of the Red Cross in Galicia. In Extremadura, food is delivered to 7 offices belonging to the NGO throughout the Autonomous Community.

To date, more than 45,000 snacks have been delivered amongst the four Galician provinces and the two provinces of Extremadura, and by the end of the 2016-2017 school year, more than 54,200 are estimated to have been delivered. Likewise, the Promoción del Éxito Escolar (Promoting School Success) Programme provides educational support each year to these boys and girls of between 8 and 14 years of age. The minors have their snack at the Red Cross headquarters and do their homework at the same time, reinforcing certain subjects and working on study techniques. They also have tutors assigned who monitor each child’s academic progress. These activities are complemented with a support service to families in which they receive information, guidance and socio-educational support in aspects related with schooling and education – as well as the donation of school supplies.


Varied Menus Designed by Nutritionists

The menu varies each day and all menus have been designed by a Red Cross nutritionist to ensure that they are rich in nutrients, varied and appropriate for the children’s developmental stage. They include juices, whole grains, dairy products, fresh fruit, dried fruit and water. Food is distributed weekly at each office of the NGO.

For DIA, this initiative brings about great satisfaction as we are helping with, and promoting, the development of society, especially amongst the most disadvantaged groups, allowing the Company and the customer to walk hand-in-hand in the same direction towards advancement.


Healthy Educational Spaces Programme in 32 Municipalities of Extremadura

Likewise, DIA Group has become –this year– a partner in the Espacios Educativos Saludables (Healthy Educational Spaces) Programme (from June 26 to September 1). This is a socio-educational care initiative that has been undertaken for the fifth consecutive year by the Regional Health and Social Policy Ministry and the Spanish Red Cross in Extremadura. It is aimed towards little boys and girls who are at risk of social exclusion.

Thanks to this project, one thousand boys and girls aged between 5 and 14 years will have a stable place during their summer holidays in which they can undertake activities of a marked integrative nature, fostering their harmonious development, personal autonomy and ability to apply what they have learned to their daily life. DIA Group will help by donating and distributing some of the children’s food.





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