DIA Market, the Group’s most veteran member, is being renovated

DIA Group has begun the renovation of its most veteran shop format, DIA Market. Many important changes have been undergone by the consumer society since the summer of 1979 when the first shop was opened in Madrid under the ‘DIA Market’ name. Still, one thing that has remained unchanged since then has been the presence of the DIA Market establishments, which are located close to the consumer in the majority of the neighbourhoods and municipalities of all of Spain.

The self-service and ‘hard discount’ philosophy with which the company began to take its first steps are now far in the past. In its efforts to constantly evolve alongside the consumer while always aiming to keep the pillar of quality at the best price intact, DIA Group has gradually adapted its range of products and offers to the needs of a customer who is more prone to making smaller, more frequent purchases at small, ‘corner store’ type shops – a move that has brought DIA Group to the forefront in terms of distribution and number of stores in the five countries where it does business. This is precisely why the company has now decided to embark upon a new chapter in its most veteran shops by taking on the transformation of 2,000 establishments throughout Spain.

After undertaking –over the last five years– the transformation of its business strategy towards a multi-channel, multi-market business scheme, the new DIA Market shops have become the result of the synergies yielded from the Group’s different shop formats. The new establishments bring together the best selection of fresh products (said selection having been optimised thanks to the contributions made by the DIA La Plaza Supermarkets), the best range of products in terms of personal hygiene and drugstore products (thanks to the development of the Clarel label), as well as the best customer service (brought on by decades of experience in terms of the franchise and close-knit relationships with customers).

A walk around the shops

On the shops’ exterior, customers will notice that the colour red prevails on the façade, with large, glass windows which allow for the inside of the shops to be better seen from the outside and which let in more natural light, making the establishments brighter.

The new décor on the inside of the shops has warm colours that help to divide the different sections and reinforce the ‘area-based’ store design. To this end, of importance are the faith that the company has placed in fresh and seasonal products, as well as the improvements made to the bakery with freshly-baked items.

A renewed emphasis on the company’s own brands is also one of the main features of this renovated DIA Market business format. The Group’s gourmet product range, Delicious, will get its own section, while in the cosmetics, personal hygiene and drugstore section the brands Bonté, Basic Cosmetics, BabySmile and JuniorSmile shall be increased. Having said that, other manufacturers’ brands shall remain unchanged, thus offering the main products on the market from a variety of manufacturers so that the consumer has the ability to choose.

Special discounts and promotions now have their own space, which is supported by an LED screen that displays the different deals and other relevant information about the establishment.

Efficiency and commitment to the environment also constitute one of the maxims of the company’s sales strategy. All the lighting in the new shops uses LED technology which likewise has automatic control mechanisms integrated in order to regulate the intensity of the light throughout the day, taking a needs-based approach to lighting.

To reduce noise pollution, the shop floors have undergone modifications. The tiles have a greater size and they are placed diagonally. This helps to reduce the impact of the noise created by passing shopping carts and hand pallet trucks. Lastly, to improve the customers’ shopping experience yet again, all of the new shops have background music to help make the atmosphere even more pleasant.

The transformation of the new DIA Market shops shall involve both Group-owned stores and franchises, reaching a total of 2,000 establishments.

The new DIA Market shops have a wide range of fruits and vegetables, which can be seen from the time that the customer walks inside.

The new DIA Market shops have a wide range of fruits and vegetables, which can be seen from the time that the customer walks inside.
New emphasis is placed on increasing company brands and ‘area-based’ product differentiation.


The façade has an LED screen that tells customers about special offers and news.
Special offers and deals now have their own space in shops.

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