Much more than just a sports sponsorship

From DIA we started to consider the possibility of going further in the collaboration agreement with the Federation and its team that both entities uphold since 2014, we did not suspect for one moment the warm welcome and the excitement that female basketball in this country had in it. We were aware of the difficult path that the players and technical staff have to give voice to basketball, a sport with such a large fan base, and the desire to fight for the visibility of a sport that is not yet where it deserves in terms of media coverage. But there is different between what we are told and what can actually be experienced. And, indeed, excitement cannot be broadcasted, it needs to be experienced.

We have met with a group of people whose values define and promote us as a company. Respect, team work and, above all, the desire to excel, have made us look upon the DIA Basketball League as a benchmark. This is the first sports sponsorship agreement that the company signs in its more than 35 years of history. And the experience is as good as it gets.

The agreement is based on DIA’s support for this sport and entails a new development in relation to the partnership signed a year ago between the two entities in the framework of the Universo Mujer Baloncesto project, a comprehensive program for the development of women in society and sports led by the Spanish Basketball Federation itself.

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In fact, there are already many initiatives set in motion by DIA Group and the Spanish Basketball Federation before signing this agreement. Coinciding with the celebration of the Men’s Basketball World Cup held in Spain and under the motto Objective 2014: Solidarity baskets, we run an initiative to help Food Banks. With the help of the FEB, its ambassadors, the whole DIA team and above all the clients, we managed to collect 500,000 kilos of food in under 15 days.

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Two years later, we reached a major milestone. We signed our first sports agreement with the FEB becoming one of the sponsors of the women’s and men’s national basketball teams and especially of the FEB itself. New projects emerged following such agreement, always focused on promoting sport and its values and sharing both with those who are closest to us, the families.

One of these projects is the DIA Basketball Superleague, a school competition in which more than 2,300 girls from 200 teams have participated, and which is focused on supporting youth sport and teaching values. The acceptance from parents, venues, local administrations, regional federations and institutions was once again a success and… And we can already reveal that there will be a second edition next year with even more venues.

In short, we would like our support to provide women’s basketball its much-deserved visibility, which is certainly reinforced by TVE’s excellent initiative in broadcasting, for the first time ever, women’s basketball league game. And we are just talking about visibility, since the quality of our players, technical staff and the fans has been amply demonstrated. We encourage you all to join us in this project.

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