(Español) El Modelo Digital Comercial de Grupo DIA, ganador de los premios internacionales WfMC

DIA Group has been chosen from a long list of Spanish and international companies as the winner of the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) awards for the development of its DCM (Digital Commercial Model) project. The WfMC is an international organization composed of innovators, developers, consultants, analysts and researchers committed to the workflow model and Business Process Management (BPM).

For just over a year and a half, the company has been working on the implementation of a task manager, owned by the company Auraportal, which has enabled full digitalization and greater automation of the mechanisms related to its commercial back office, analyzing the previous processes in depth to further optimize them in each of the countries in which it operates: Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Argentina.

Numerous benefits are being reaped as a result of the project, including process optimization and standardization, full digitalization of data, data traceability and shorter times needed to place products at customers’ disposal, thanks to streamlined process implementation. así como la eliminación del papel en más de un 90%.

A 90% reduction in paper has been achieved with the tool.

DIA Group suppliers have also benefited from this tool since the processes related to contract registration and the acceptance of prices finally agreed upon have also been streamlined.

The awards panel has positively assessed DIA’s ability to implement a cross-disciplinary project in four different countries, in which the needs and processes are seemingly very different.

The Workflow Management Coalition awards recognize organizations that show outstanding performance in the implementation of innovative business process solutions to meet strategic business targets. For more information http://www.wfmc.org/