Increasing rigor and information to combat food populism

The food industry is a strategic one and of great interest to the population. Food influences society and occupies a central place in people’s lives, since it is an essential requirement for life, due to the influence on people’s well-being and its impact on health and life expectancy.

We have quality verification systems run by administrations and we have developed the management of fraud control systems and the alert network; technology and scientific innovation help us detect fraud, both for distributors and manufacturers and exporters; the companies have developed further those issues related to the management of distribution operations and the traceability of the products that are put up for sale. There is new information every day that generates distrust among consumers and calls into question the reliability of the food chain.

We must be rigorous and provide scientific evidence on food issues, we must undertake the responsibility of establishing mechanisms to convey in an instructive and rigorous manner technical information to the population to avoid unclear and, often-times, false messages on products, raw materials or food related processes.

At the nutritional level, it is necessary to convey the consumer the importance of a balanced diet and avoid demonizing certain products and promote physical activity.

Achieving a good approach and shared lines of work with different stakeholders will be paramount to guarantee consumer confidence in the food sector.