Stop underage drinking: a challenge for all!

As members of the society in which we live, we at DIA Group have decided to play a part in tackling a disturbing problem present in our country – the increase in underage drinking. Public institutions, civil society and the general public have been condemning for some time the trivialization of underage alcohol consumption due to the risks that this entails, as has sadly been reflected in the media.

Without needing to refer to specific figures on underage alcohol consumption – which are undoubtedly disproportionate, considering that they should be zero -, we at DIA Group want to be part of the solution and, as part of society, we are committed to raising awareness of the problem among our customers, franchisees and employees through all our communication tools, focusing not only on the youngsters themselves, but on everyone involved, since we believe this is a problem that affects society as a whole.

We at DIA Group say “Stop underage drinking: a challenge for all!”