La FEB, la mujer y Grupo DIA

Something more than sports sponsorship: The FEB, women and the DIA Group

On June 10, the Spanish Basketball Federation and the DIA Group presented at a press conference a collaboration agreement that will last more than two years and which represents the first sports sponsorship in the multinational distribution company´s history. But it is not just a sponsorship agreement as such.

Through the Women’s Universe Programme, led by the Spanish Basketball Federation and the National Sports Council, the agreement aims at placing value on the role of women in society by using the basic principles of women’s sport.

By virtue of this union, both bodies will launch a set of projects that will contribute to the defined objectives, and in which customers, employees and the athletes themselves in particular will participate. In this way, DIA becomes the official sponsor of the national women’s basketball team in an initiative to highlight the effort and work of these elite athletes who do not always enjoy the profile and social recognition they deserve.

DIA’s own structure (in which nearly 80% of its employees, in the five countries in which it operates, are women) makes it especially involved in the attainment of a fair and egalitarian society where gender is not a barrier to enjoying the same opportunities.

In addition to the approval in 2012 of its Equality plan, DIA is one of the companies that is part of the “Companies for a society free of gender violence” agreement promoted by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, and through which it is committed to promoting the fight to eradicate this violation of human rights and to undertake awareness and information campaigns among its workers.

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