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Dia Superleague: when values are children’s superpowers

In June 2016, the DIA Group and the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) forged a working partnership through a sponsorship and a declaration of intent by both parties: the development of initiatives to promote values shared by both entities through sports and equality. Thus began an exciting challenge for which our company searched to launch initiatives that would involve the community in which it operates every day, as well as its employees and customers, by means of this search and through shared values. Like rings that expand in the water after a stone is dropped, the next goal was to define the starting point for this positive spreading effect. The solution, as is often the case, was closer than we thought.

In a world in which the inadequate use of valuable new technologies often fosters individuality, an initiative was designed in which youngsters would become superheroes in their daily lives, champions of the most intrinsic values of the DIA Group and the FEB, values that are also being worked on by educators and schools all over Spain. That is how the DIA SuperLeague was born, a competition in which school children from six communities demonstrate their superpowers.

The DIA SuperLeague is a sports project created with a two-fold motivation: teaching values and training in basketball. The FEB and the DIA Group want to place value on the feeling of belonging to a team and the benefits this has for the future of children currently at the initial training age. In this way, more than 2,300 boys and girls between 9 and 10 years old will work on Efficiency as a method for achieving objectives, in addition to personal development within a Team, the drive to take Initiative and share it with others and the importance of Respect, in a competition that brings together these challenges in a healthy and fun environment in which rules and attitudes are proposed that uphold the educational value of play above all other considerations.

Thus the first edition of the DIA Basketball SuperLeague gets off to a start, organized with the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB), with the collaboration of regional federations and municipal and regional institutions. Over the next six months, 192 mixed teams with an equal number boys and girls will be participating in the competition. At this first edition of the DIA SuperLeague, 6 scenarios have been established; Madrid, Valladolid, Asturias, Zaragoza, Extremadura and Málaga, where the 32 participating elementary schools from each site will play to advance to the grand finale, which will take place in Madrid on June 17th.

For the registration of teams, as well as for the subsequent follow-up of the DIA Basketball SuperLeague, an exclusive website has been set up, where you can find the necessary forms for taking part in the competition, completely free of charge for the educational centers, in which more than 1,500 games of mini-basketball will be played.

In the words of Jorge Garbajosa, President of the FEB, “the idea is to place value on the motivation generated among students that comes from belonging to a team and to hold a competition that promotes experiences that favor their comprehensive development in a healthy and fun way. Enjoying the pleasure of competing and of bettering oneself, while respecting the rules and essential values of sportsmanship and teamwork.” Garbajosa expressed his commitment to this initiative at the presentation ceremony for the DIA SuperLeague, held at one of the participating centers, the school Nuestra Señora del Buen Consejo in Madrid, accompanying Javier La Calle, Corporate Director of Resources and Executive Director of China of the DIA Group. “This initiative brings together everything that we share and want to share at DIA: teamwork, work ethic, efficiency, competition and equality, but from the perspective of play, enjoying ourselves and doing it with a smile,” says La Calle.

For the FEB, this challenge is significant because until the launching of the DIA SuperLeague, there were no leagues in Spain covering the age range of 9 to 10 years. “The work being done with basketball at schools is increasingly greater,” affirms Garbajosa.

For the development of this project, fun sports gear has been designed in the white and red DIA corporate colors, including the basketballs, all featuring the initiative’s official logo, which shows a little superhero that embodies the values of personal improvement and effort of all the participating girls and boys.

Similarly, the DIA SuperLeague forms part of Universo Mujer (Women’s Universe), a comprehensive program for the development of women and their personal evolution in society, created to develop initiatives that contribute to social improvement and transformation through values inherent in women’s sports. The DIA Group, which has joined other initiatives promoting women’s equality and leadership and has an equality plan in place since 2012, identifies with and is committed to this program for the promotion of women and, in collaboration with the FEB, plans to carry out a series of projects that will contribute to the defined objectives, in which the participation of customers and employees will play a special role.

In the upcoming weeks, we will let you know how the different local and regional rounds evolve in this fun children’s league and we will tell you about the great feats that these young superheroes perform before the public attending their matches.

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