Cajeros en el supermercado

With Twyp Cash the nearest cash machine is in your supermarket

Think about how much time you spend in the supermarket during the week. OK, perhaps you are one of those who prefer to delegate the task or perhaps shop online. However, how many times a day do you pass by the door of a supermarket? They are everywhere, always at your disposal, trying to make life easier for people focussing their activity mostly on the sale of food….oh wait! Only food?

In recent times the supermarket has become something more than just a place to do the shopping. Mass distribution increasingly offers more services to the consumer with the aim of achieving a “total shopping” experience. Some supermarket chains are now the perfect place to obtain various services: top up your mobile, collect a package or buy lottery tickets are operations that can now be carried out in the supermarket. Everyday actions which now in Spain includes withdrawing cash as you would do any morning in the bank or from the cash machine, but without having to put up with bad weather and above all without being limited to the opening times of 08:00 to 15:00.

DIA Group and ING have recently signed an agreement to offer a service that allows customers of the bank to withdraw cash from all branches of DIA in Spain; in other words, the nearest cash machine is now your local supermarket. Using the Twyp Cash app users can use their mobile to withdraw a minimum of 20 Euros and up to a maximum of 150 Euros at the checkout of DIA group stores (DIA Market, DIA Maxi, La Plaza de DIA, Clarel and El Árbol) with the condition that the operation is accompanied by a purchase.

This is a common service in supermarket chains in other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, but has not been offered in Spain until now. During the début of the project, the Managing Director of DIA Group, Ricardo Currás, and the General Manager of ING in Spain, Almudena Román, coincided in a key idea that without doubt will mark the evolution of the mass distribution business in Spain and the rest of the world: “Ultimately the aim is to make life easier for people. This is the ultimate concept of innovation”.

The implementation of this service is being rolled out progressively throughout the month of September, with the aim of including the almost 2,900 DIA stores by the end of that month.

The evolution of an increasingly digital and much more pragmatic customer with respect to their relationship with their environment is making the most innovative companies bring this technology closer to their daily life. The majority of these operations can already be carried out and in fact are carried out with a smart phone or tablet, which today have become one more extension of the human body. Without doubt it is the customer that sets the trend and the possibilities in this respect now seem infinite. So, answer the question again: Where is the nearest cash machine?

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